Starting from scratch

Recently, I have become increasingly frustrated with my development tools. I feel everything has become an unnecessary amalgamation of themes and a mess of configuration files.

The tools I refer to are:

All of these tools are brilliant, which is why I want to continue using them. The problem is; when I started out work here I attempted to configure the tools to my preferences, however, in retrospect I now realise my initial knowledge was lacking.

Ultimately this has caused an influx of different themes and snippets/configurations which do not do what I want them to or in some instances they do not work at all.

Thus I have finally decided to take the major step, which is; to start from scratch and build from the ground up. This time with the correct knowledge and refined experience.

Among the positive aspects of starting from scratch is that I can actually research and learn why I am adding something with the relevant knowledge behind me.

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